The ‘Job Search Trio’: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Networking face to face in a job search by getting out of the house and meeting people is a necessity. Now pairing that with a social media strategy only increases your chances of getting hired faster. You should build a professional image that markets your skill set and is in sync with where you want to go on your career journey. You may be on LinkedIn, but you need to have a complete branded profile on more than just that site and learn how to utilize ALL social media has to offer you.  So join the fabulous ‘job search trio’ as I like to call it: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Or if you are on them, give them an overhaul to match your goals. Recruiters are googling your name, reviewing your online presence before they interview you, and making decisions on your social media image in addition to your resume.


I still have career counselors tell me they never suggest Facebook to clients in a job search. That’s because they do not understand the power of a Facebook network. On LinkedIn the average job seeker may have 50 contacts, but on Facebook they may have a few hundred. There are several job search apps on Facebook to choose from. My favorites are Facebook’s MarketPlace and BranchOut. You can tap into your network of ‘friends’ and even ‘friends of friends’ to see if they work at those jobs posted. But in addition to opportunities you can locate common interest groups, find career related events, and follow companies. Just be careful of the personal information or pictures you share on this site.  Remember to use Facebook’s privacy features on anything that can bias an employer against you. That includes team sports, music, political preferences, and religious affiliations.


Twitter is not for just for high school kids,  it’s for anyone that wants to expand the power of their brand marketing. With Twitter you can contact people you normally would not be able to reach on other sites. Twitter lets you follow recruiters and companies, it lets you tweet your job search and links of your virtual resume. Check out: www.twazzup.com/http://topsy.com/ for jobs pulled from Twitter. See what’s out there being tweeted by hiring professionals.  Twitter can help you reach your career goal if you know how to use it. It can be intimidating at first, but once you get started it can increase your potential outreach better than any other platform. Tweeting about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ not good if in in a job search, but tweeting about career related topics is an excellent idea.


In addition to using LinkedIn’s job postings, you can use its features to network your way to opportunity. LinkedIn has an Alumni feature that lets you connect with others from your alma mater that are already established. You can find and follow target companies, and see who from your network works there. It lets you join groups related to your job search goal, view events calendars, ask/answer questions, and it also happens to be a favorite hangout for recruiters to search profiles looking for new hires. LinkedIn has a wide array of services the average job seeker does not know about but needs to learn in order to job search more effectively. Share career related updates, build a network and attract as many viewers as you can to your branded profile.

~~There are many other great social media platforms out there that one can use to promote a branded presence online. I like Pinterest and many blogging sites as well, like tumblr and wordpress. I would love to hear from you what social media websites you like the best. If you are looking for your next job or simply looking to market yourself it’s a must to be on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. There are recruiters, jobs, and most importantly a network waiting for you to tap into.~~

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