4 Reasons Why HR Never Called You For That Job Interview

It’s been over a month, and still no call from HR for that job you applied to months ago. There are a few things you need to keep in mind about what’s happening behind the scenes. You may never get a call back from human resource professionals for these 4 reasons:

1)Recruiters Don’t Have Time To Contact Everyone

Recruiters and human resource professionals are people just like us. They are trying to manage their tasks with limited time and resources. Keep in mind for every job they post, they often get hundreds of resumes. Most will not send you a follow-up letter, unless your resume made the cut.  Do not take it personally, most people in HR just don’t have the means to give an update to everyone that applies for a position.

2) The Job Was Taken Before It Was Posted

Some jobs are already accounted for even though you just saw it posted.  Positions you apply for are often already taken by internal candidates, referrals, or through those that networked their way to the opportunity before you applied. The company was required to still post the position to the public, and unfortunately the job was already taken before you sent your resume.

3)Your Online Presence Didn’t Make The Cut

Although your resume matched the job description, so did a large stack of 50 other resumes. When recruiters are staring at a heap of resumes that have the exact same experience and education, they often turn to social media to help them filter candidates. Only the top candidates with the best online presence, and that marketed their value proposition to match that of the employer will get called for the first round of interviews. Anything the employer sees as negative will weed you out, so will not having an online presence, or a social media profile that’s not a good fit for the job.

4)Resume Did Not Match The ‘Key Words’ In Job Description

Most people do not get an interview because their resume was not a good fit.  You may think you have a great resume, but did it match the job description you were applying for? Many companies are using advanced software to weed through applicants resumes. One of my contacts in HR said there were a hundred applicants that applied for the job she posted.  The software they used weeded out all the resumes that did not match the key word search, and gave her only 9 resumes to contact for interviews. So if your resume does not have the ‘key words’ an employer is looking for, then chances are that you will not be getting a call.

~~It’s the goal of HR to hire someone as fast as possible. They do not have time to interview everyone.  You may never get closure or a ‘thanks’ for most of the positions you apply for.  If you have a great branded resume and online presence, then keep networking on-line and off-line. Stay ahead of the situation and put yourself in places where you can connect with new people and follow job leads. Don’t get discouraged, but stay active and positive in your job search until you get that next interview.~~

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  1. Richard

    Interesting article. The internet has made the process harder if manually easier to apply for jobs. It’s worth noting the fact resumes are processed by computer for keywords while countries like France prefer or insist on handwritten cover letters. You can deduce a lot from handwriting, perhaps more than peppering your CV with the prescribed keywords.

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