Job Search in a Nutshell: The 3 Must-Do’s

Last year I won 1st place in JobMob’s 2011 blogging contest. This year’s article not only won a Grand Prize, but was also voted ‘Most Liked’. It was written for job seekers to maximize on the use of their time, energy, and resources.  Get started on these 3 must-do’s and take your job search in the right direction.


Social media profiles and an online presence matters in a job search. It always needs to be professional, it needs to promote your ‘brand’, and it needs to attract the right kind of attention. When recruiters get resumes, most are weeding out candidates by ‘googling’ their name and checking online to see the full picture.  Most hiring professionals will go onto Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more about you. The image you created for yourself by your posts, tweets, and ‘likes’ are being scrutinized, so be careful what you share. Great online profiles and stronger brands get interviews when recruiters stare at the same skills on a large stack of resumes. You may have the qualifications, but if you don’t have a great online image you can lose out on opportunity.


How we define the situations we are placed in determines our action and how we are going to work towards the outcome we desire.  Action is a positive force.  Hopefully you have a friend, counselor, or family member that helps you stay optimistic in your job search.  While waiting for a job, use the time you have to get yourself and your resume more marketable.  Read job descriptions. If you do not have the skills needed for the job you want, you could use this time to acquire them. Read books related to your field, master that computer program you always wanted to, or get the certification you need to make your resume stand out.


You have this extra time while waiting for a job to ‘pay it forward’ and help others. You also need to keep yourself charged with interaction out of necessity. Volunteer your time in a hospital, at campaign headquarters for the candidate of your choice, or for your favorite non-profit agency. Become involved with the local chapter of a professional organization (i.e. Accounting Society, American Marketing Association, etc). Even keeping up with the routine of going to the gym or attending events promoted by your town is good for you, and it’s good for your job search.  Being active and networking in person can cut months off your job search. Jobs are not just found by surfing the net, it’s often found by meeting the right person–at the right time.

Regardless of where you are in your job search today; be in motion, be hopeful, and be motivated to succeed. In any difficult transition we are in, the worst thing we can do for ourselves is ‘nothing’. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, ‘’the greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand today, but it’s in what direction we are moving.” 

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