Wrapping Up Your Career Choices

Many of us have begun to formulate goals for next year. Before we can officially ring in the ‘new’, we have to review what needs an overhaul from last year’s career moves.  Ask yourself these 5 questions to see what you could have done differently last year.year 2

How thankful were you?

Too often job seekers start conversations complaining or blaming others, instead of simply stating their qualifications. Even contacts that might have had a job lead to offer will be turned off by that negativity.  Next time, keep the self-defeating comments at bay and shine some positive energy.  Positive people with great personalities get more referrals.

What have you done for someone else?

In these last 12 months what random acts of kindness have you practiced? Individuals that freely give their time on various projects, and generously assist others online/offline land jobs faster. They know more people, have a wider circle of connections, and are remembered when opportunities present itself.

Were you stuck in the house?

If your job search only consists of applying to jobs online, your chances of getting an offer are slim. Most of those jobs you see online are taken before you even apply. You need to attend networking events, join professional associations, and connect with individuals directly within the organizations where you want to work. You cannot do that from sitting at home.

Did your social media strategy work?

A complete and consistent message that sells your brand on LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter can land you that next opportunity. Especially LinkedIn, which has become synonymous with your online resume. A branded social media plan should be getting you noticed. Recruiters should be selecting you for interviews after reviewing your online image. If you have a decent resume but are not getting interviews, then change your online marketing.

How realistic were your goals?

Reaching your desired destination often requires a few stepping-stones.  Too often people think that a degree and no related experience entitles them to opportunity. But in reality it’s a lot more than just that. Often you have to create a bridge by assembling the hands on skill-set you need, volunteering/interning within the field, or by finding a position in the same industry to add relativity. For example, if you’re going to start a dental practice, you need to work in one (click here to read more about starting yours). You need to make yourself and your resume fit what employers are actually looking for. If you’re ready, then check out Flooring Employment Opportunities.

Before making career resolutions for the New Year, evaluate your actions and reactions for last year first. If you are not happy with where you are in your career or current job search, incorporate new strategies that will get you to where you want to be in the New Year.

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