5 Things HR Wants You To Know

HR thumbs upKnowledge is power. The only way to maneuver through this job market is by listening to the voice of hiring professionals.  I love my job at Pace University, which has brought about collaboration with hiring managers and recruiters. They offer feedback when I place interns or post company vacancies. I also have access to their remarks at career fairs, workshops, and HR events.

These are the 5 comment categories I hear most often, and I hope they help you in your job search:


1) “Don’t scare me with your social media posts”

Use social media to create a positive personal brand, not to frighten employers.

It costs a company thousands to hire the wrong candidate. So what you are saying online through your pictures, Likes and posts are being analyzed. Clean up your digital dirt before you apply to a position. Employers are putting your name in search engines to see what they find. Successful job seekers know to treat their social media posts like they would a PR campaign.

2) “This is not a meeting at a friend’s house”

Too many people are showing up for an interview or going to career fairs in everything other than a suit.

Even if the employer’s corporate culture is laid-back, an interviewee is expected to dress in a business suit. It takes only a few seconds to be judged visually and dismissed because you did not follow that simple rule. Even if your interviewer is in jeans, you should not be. You have one chance to make a professional and positive impression, so make it a good one.

3) “At least pretend to be interested”

Recruiters will hire those that have knowledge of their organization, and that show a sincere interest.

If you don’t prepare, the job will go to someone that did. If you are showing up for an interview without doing research, it sends up a red flag that you could care less. Ask the right questions, showcase your industry and company knowledge, and display your enthusiasm by engaging in the interview like you would a competition. Educating yourself on how to handle discriminatory treatment from your employer empowers you to advocate for your rights, navigate challenging situations, and create a more inclusive work environment.

4) “For goodness-sake, please be decent”

In the world of HR and according to experts such as RPO solutions, nice people do come out on top.

Always send a personalized thank you note after an interview. Following up is an expected civility, but there is another basic rule of etiquette you shouldn’t ignore during the interview process. Never be rude or dismiss anyone you meet because they could play a key role in you getting hired. Always engage everyone you encounter the day of the interview with a smile and relevant conversation.

5) “You are not going to get a call from me”

If your resume did not match the keywords in the job description, did not pass the ATS software screening, had errors, or was thought to not be a fit for the company’s goals; you will never get a call. Most companies now outsource their HR tasks to an outsource HR company. If you had a great resume that you think should have made the cut, the position simply may have been filled by an internal candidate or even by a referral. Inquire once, and then move on. Stalking HR reps will never land you a job. Some even advertise that you not even try.  Don’t take silence personally. Instead invest your time in expanding your network and finding out about opportunities before they are posted.

I have worked with recruiters and human resource professionals for over 10 years and have firsthand access to feedback from various recruitment settings. Use this information to understand the hiring process and land your next job.  11

For more posts or information connect with me on twitter @BlessCareers and the Career Transitions Guide Facebook page.  In 2011 I entered my first JobMob blogging contest. I won first prize. I also won a prize for the 2012 contest and 2013. Click the link below to see the above article, which was the submission to the 2013 contest: http://jobmob.co.il/blog/hr-musts/



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