Book of Answers for your Career Questions

BlessCareersLooking for a book with answers to all your career questions? Sorry. It doesn’t exist. But, the internet is the next best thing. If you are about to take a step in your career, use it. The more information you start with, the better off you will be in making a decision.  Access to career resources and occupational research is made easy by the internet. These free websites can empower career starters, changers, or climbers to make their next step. 


United States Department of Labor is a great site to get the outlook for a specific career, salary information, and job titles related to your initial selection. CareerOneStop.org is sponsored by the U.S Department of Labor and provides answers to a variety of career questions.

O*Net Online is a multi-faceted tool used by many career counselors when working with clients and matching them with their values, interests, personality, and skills. Within ‘Quick Search’ type ‘writer’, ‘counseling’, ‘law’, etc., and get insight into the profession you are interested in exploring.


Princeton Review and College Navigator lets you search schools by location, major, test scores, tuition costs, and more. It allows you to find colleges based on your search criteria, and gives you a list that is a fit for your needs.

GradSchools.com offers everything you need to know about getting an advanced degree. Gain understanding on the application process, admission tests, and map out costs.


Glass Door shares insight from others that worked or interviewed at the company you are trying to get into.  Before your next meeting with a potential employer, use this site to give you the information you need to be better prepared. Organizational research is a key component to acing the interview.

Vault provides industry, company and job search information. It ranks companies in different categories and provides lists to help you target employers. If you wanted to know the top companies for ‘work/life balance’ or ‘green initiatives’ this is a good site to use.blogA

The web provides hundreds of sites to answer any career related question. These links listed are free, easy to access, and offer insight to help you reach your objective.  Do the research before you set your next professional goal. 

I would love to hear what website you use for your career questions. Connect with me on twitter @BlessCareers and Career Transitions Guide Facebook page.

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