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Technology in the handsTechnology has changed the way we do things. It gives us options and the digital tools to do things faster and better. At a recent party I discovered that many did not know about the five web sites listed below.


Indeed has become one of the top sites used and referred by career counselors for finding opportunities in the United States. Indeed CEO and co-founder Paul Forster stated in an interview that, “Indeed includes jobs from over a thousand sources – more than any other service on the internet. Other advantages Indeed has compared with competitors include superior aggregation and search technologies.” If you are a job seeker I suggest that you download the Indeed mobile app and even do a saved search. Those currently employed can use Indeed to read job descriptions and see if they have the skills employers are currently looking for. On Indeed you can also look for the best mortgage deals! If not, acquire them now to make yourself marketable later.


Outside of work we often schedule events for organizations, clubs, and even group outings with friends. Using phone, texts, or email will take 2x longer than simply using Doodle’s survey system. Doodle polls everyone involved, and in one screen you can see what date/time has the best response rate. We use this for the SHRM board I am on, and it makes planning so much easier. Job seekers can use the free ‘individual’ account. Try using Doodle to pick a date to get together with high school and college friends, or a even a group of LinkedIn connections to plan a summer networking social. Job leads follow those well connected and that make themselves visible. Who knows, he knows people willing to invest and open a start up all in a simpler way with same day loans.


When networking and building your circle of connections it’s always better to give individuals you want to meet options that fit their comfort levels and busy schedules. Never ask for just a face-to-face meeting. Instead also offer a brief phone or skype session as an option. Every resume, business card, and email signature should have a skype address listed. Potential job candidates are now screened through the telephone or video appointments on platforms like skype. You do not want to scramble at the last minute to try and create an account. Instead, create the basic free one now, and practice getting comfortable with its features.


At the National Governors Association Summer Meeting, American Vice President Joe Biden talked about Glassdoor. He attended the Data Jam event that was held with 24 high-tech firms discussing ideas on training and hiring job seekers. Biden stated how Glassdoor is helping individuals find jobs, and career counselors like myself agree. Researching a company you want to work for is an absolute must. Glassdoor gives you an insider’s perspective on what it was like to work or interview at your target company. It also provides relevant statistics and information to help you stand out in a crowd of job seekers that did not do their homework.


Music helps us manage time. It can motivate us and even take away job search stress.  If you find yourself surrounding yourself with music, buying cd’s and paying for iTunes; then check out Spotify. It’s free. This suburban girl and ivy league grad gets pumped to tackle tough assignments by listening to ‘Seek and Destroy’ by Metallica. Whatever your music preference, Spotify will play a continuous stream of the artist you pick and similar artists in that genre. Unlike other sites, it lets you plays an entire cd, and even suggests matches based on the existing playlists in your computer. You can have several pre-set stations. This tool is great when sitting at home reviewing dozens of job postings, doing research, or sending emails.

If there is a tool that you utilize and would like to share, drop me a note on one of our common social media platforms (Twitter ~ LinkedIn ~ Facebook). In the words of former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer: “The number one benefit of technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive…and so in a sense it is all about potential.”

**This article was the 2014 JobMob Contest Entry: https://jobmob.co.il/blog/5-job-search-tools-youre-not-using/

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