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Life is learning who you are and what makes you happy.  It’s knowing your value proposition, planning and researching options, understanding when to change and take action, and seeking the help of others when you want the most out of your ‘transition’.

I empower all my clients to understand their choices, and then help them take the steps needed to achieve their goals:

  • proven job development and relationship building to find jobs/internships/employers
  • job search strategies that leverage all relevant resources & current trends
  • teaching you where to find jobs, and network using social media and other tools
  • creating the right resume and cover letter that reflects the objective & gets interviews
  • personal branding, to market your value proposition online/offline/in-person/in-print
  • career assessment & exploration based on personality, skills & goals
  • speaker for career related workshops, open-houses, corporate meetings
  • work with clients anywhere using skype/g-chat/i-chat/phone

What is your next step?  Do you know where you want to go and how to get there?  I believe a career is many chapters to an unique story…a story only yours.  Whether you are starting to write your book as a Freshman, or a seasoned professional looking to enhance a great career novel…remember you are the author of your career!  

I have 7+ years experience in Higher Education Career Services and Private Career Coaching. I look forward to hearing from you. Connect with me on TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin

—Bless Vaidian, Career Transition Guide

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