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1 comment

  1. Ronna Corlin

    Thank you Bless for last evening’s informative and animated presentation on LinkedIn.

    The way that you creatively manage to fit in and stand out on social media inspires me. I’m eager to peel the onion and to optimize the vast opportunities available, tying up lots of materials I have floating around the world wide web and in my home computer,into a memorable brand that packs a nutritional punch.

    I was researching online who I might contact on the Dr. Oz Show (his wife’s show debuts this fall), and was encouraged to discover that while a show’s website limits contact information that a search on Google got me to LinkedIn, where I discovered that three of the show’s producers are my second contacts.

    Eager and well-equipped to continue to educate and motivate others to take charge of their health eating deliciously, I am excited to meet you and hope to become a part of, and to support your community on LinkedIn.

    Thanks again for a valuable presentation and for being the impetus for my re-entry in the Twitter-verse.

    Kind regards,

    Ronna Corlin, CHC, AADP
    Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Wellness Educator & Nutritarian

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